The objectives of a Shoreline Erosion Management Plan are:

  • to proactively plan for erosion management in a way that is consistent with all relevant legislation (Commonwealth, State and Local) as well as all relevant coastal and environmental policies;
  • to investigate and address the underlying causes of foreshore erosion and its likely evolution at the local scale;
  • to determine cost effective and sustainable erosion management strategies that maintain natural coastal processes and resources; and
  • to consider community needs in both the short- and long-term.

Our coastal engineers have successfully delivered several SEMPs that are in various phases of implementation. We have also been engaged by several local government agencies to undertake technical reviews of foreshore management strategies developed by other consultants.



  • Surf Coast – Coastal Processes Study, Great Ocean Road, Vic
  • Tuvalu Ship to Shore Transport Project, Tuvalu
  • Preliminary Design for Priority Beach Nourishment Projects;  Port Phillip Bay, Vic
  • Gippsland Lakes Coastal Erosion and Management Study, Vic
  • North Ashburton Coastal Studies, WA
  • Rye Shoreline Erosion, Vic
  • Esperance Port Enhancement – Stability of Adjacent Beaches, WA
  • Cape Conran Coastal Processes Study, Vic
  • Geraldton Port Enhancement – Coastal Processes, WA
  • Cunningham Arm and Paynesville Berth Review and Planning, Vic
  • Callala Bay and Currarong Beach Foreshore Erosion Study, NSW