SEMP-recommendations-for-Rowes-Bay---PallarendaThe physical environment of our coastlines and near-shore areas is complex and dynamic. The seabed, foreshore and ocean characteristics respond continually to the ever-changing effects of the waves, tides, currents and winds.

The effects of future climate change are likely to exacerbate coastal erosion and inundation – potentially further increasing the impacts of these coastal hazards on existing and future coastal communities and infrastructure.

Unless properly considered, engineering works undertaken in the dynamic coastal zone can initiate changes which may adversely impact on the social, economic and environmental values of foreshore areas. The determination of appropriate solutions for the protection of foreshores is not a simple matter. It requires a sound understanding of the intricate physical processes that are continually shaping shorelines.

Coastal Engineering Solutions has considerable expertise in undertaking studies that define the unique nature, scale and complex interaction of local coastal processes on shorelines . Typically these studies are undertaken to assist our experienced coastal engineers to prepare Coastal Hazard Assessments (CHA) and to develop Shoreline Erosion Management Plans (SEMP) for our clients.