Project Description

Port-Germein-South-Australia-ProjectThe Port Germein coastal community is located on the northern shores of Spencer Gulf.  Coastal land in this area is relatively low-lying; and is prone to inundation by the storm tides that occur from time to time within the northern waters of the Gulf.  Consequently a 4.6km long levee system has historically evolved around the town to protect the community from the adverse effects of storm tides.

The levee is located on Crown land under the care, control and management of the District Council of Mount Remarkable and the Minister for Environment and Conservation.  Council and the State Government (through the Coast Protection Board) recognised that the existing perimeter levee system is unlikely to provide adequate protection to Port Germein in the event of an extreme storm event.

Coastal Engineering Solutions was commissioned to undertake the Port Germein Levee study, the objectives of which were:

  • to determine the ocean water levels and wave characteristics associated with a 100 year Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) event at Port Germein;
  • to investigate the adequacy of the existing levee system to mitigate such ocean water levels and waves;
  • to prepare and recommend engineering options to upgrade sections of the levee system so as to provide the necessary inundation protection for present-day and future climate scenarios.

In order to optimise the outcome, the study team needed to consult with the Port Germein community and other stakeholders regarding viable engineering options, their estimated costs, and to obtain feedback on perceived advantages and disadvantages of each option.  Recommendations and cost estimates were prepared for three types of levee upgrading at specific locations along its alignment.