Project Description

Rowes-Bay_PallarendaThe foreshores of Rowes Bay and Pallarenda offer a rich diversity of seascapes and landscapes – providing extensive recreational and lifestyle opportunities in North Queensland that are considerably enhanced by local cultural, heritage and environmental values. However the dynamic nature of the coastal environment means that some local reaches are experiencing erosion which is threatening essential infrastructure.

In recognition of the need to preserve this foreshore as a natural resource and to accommodate the ever increasing pressures of urban development on an eroding shoreline, Townsville City Council commissioned Coastal Engineering Solutions to prepare a Shoreline Erosion Management Plan.

Due to the complexity of the local coastal processes, the SEMP recommended a combination of management strategies along various precincts within the Rowes Bay / Pallarenda coastal reach. These integrated well over the entire length of the reach, and included training a local creek entrance, beach nourishment, planned retreat and “do nothing”.

Engineering works relating to the entrance training works have been implemented – for which the detailed engineering design and construction documentation were prepared by Coastal Engineering Solutions.

Rowes_Bay_2The Shoreline Erosion Management Plan for Rowes Bay / Pallarenda delivers the following outcomes

• identifies the underlying causes of shoreline erosion and its likely future progression at the local scale;

• allows the implementation of cost effective and sustainable erosion management strategies that maintain natural coastal processes and resources;

• considers community needs in both the short- and long-term; and

• enables the Townsville City Council to proactively plan for erosion management in a way that is consistent with all relevant legislation (Commonwealth, State and Local) as well as all relevant coastal and environmental policies;