Project Description

Port-Fairy-seawall-projectIn recent times East Beach at Port Fairy has been experiencing an increasing threat of erosion – a situation which is likely to be further exacerbated by future climate change.  In response to the emerging erosion threat, seawall construction works were first implemented in the 1950’s – with extension, repair and upgrading of this rock-armoured structure being undertaken intermittently since that time.

The physical condition and structural integrity of the seawall varies significantly along its 2km length, and is vulnerable to damage during storms.  Given the importance of this seawall in protecting essential infrastructure and community assets along the East Beach foreshore, Moyne Shire Council commissioned Coastal Engineering Solutions to undertake a structural assessment of the entire seawall.

In addition to determining the structural integrity and performance of the wall during a 100 year ARI storm event, Coastal Engineering Solutions provided appropriate concept designs for necessary remediation works – along with a prioritisation strategy and indicative costs for implementation of the works.

To determine the existing condition of the seawall (and hence its current and future susceptibility to damage/failure) a site investigation was undertaken.  This entailed pulling apart sections of the seawall using a large hydraulic excavator.  Each section of seawall was then immediately rebuilt once the condition and elements of its construction were inspected and recorded by a coastal engineer specialised in seawall design/construction.

The structural assessment of the various sections along the existing seawall considered the three primary modes of seawall damage/failure – namely erosion of the armour layer, undermining and wave overtopping.