Foreshore Protection & Erosion Mitigation

Cardwell Esplanade and Marine Infrastructure Recovery (CEMIR) Project North Queensland

In February 2011 Tropical Cyclone Yasi caused widespread damage to coastal communities in north Queensland. The township of Cardwell was one of several to experience devastating winds, severe storm tide and significant wave action. Significant damage was inflicted on private property and public infrastructure at Cardwell – including the […]

Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (SEMP) Cungulla, Queensland


Cungulla is a coastal community located approximately 35kms east-south-east of Townsville’s CBD. The complex interaction of waves, tidal currents, winds and creek flows are continually shaping and reshaping the shoreline fronting the Cungulla community. Consequently the approximately 2km long crescent-shaped foreshore has been experiencing variable rates of erosion in […]

East Beach Seawall – Assessment & Design Concepts, Port Fairy, Victoria

In recent times East Beach at Port Fairy has been experiencing an increasing threat of erosion – a situation which is likely to be further exacerbated by future climate change.  In response to the emerging erosion threat, seawall construction works were first implemented in the 1950’s – with extension, […]

Malaysian Coastal Erosion Sector Project

The primary objective of the service was to assist the Government of Malaysia in preparing a National Coastal Erosion Control Sector Project  to mitigate coastal hazards.

Dr. Peter Riedel (of Coastal Engineering Solutions) was responsible for all of the coastal engineering aspects of the project.  In addition to providing this […]

Portland Coastal Processes and Foreshore Management Strategy, Victoria


The foreshores to the east of the Port of Portland have been experiencing substantial erosion problems since the port breakwater was lengthen many years ago.  The shoreline has receded several hundreds of metres and significant coastal property and infrastructure has been lost.

A comprehensive understanding of the coastal processes operating […]

The Strand Foreshore Redevelopment, Townsville


This benchmark beach nourishment project involved upgrading 2km of significantly degrading shoreline and seawalls along The Strand foreshore in Townsville to incorporate beaches and headlands – the aim being to provide foreshore protection against cyclone induced beach recession, while at the same time providing a high quality community asset.

Coastal […]

Hayman Island Seawall, Whitsunday Region, Queensland

Hayman Island Resort has a reclaimed area to the west of the main resort that is used as a service area.  The precinct contains the resort’s essential water supply and electrical power infrastructure.  The rock-armoured seawall forming the perimeter of this reclaimed land is currently in poor structural condition, […]

Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (SEMP) Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island, Queensland

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Nelly Bay is located on the south-eastern shores of Magnetic Island, some 8kms offshore of Townsville – the largest city in North Queensland.

Townsville City Council commissioned Coastal Engineering Solutions to prepare a Shoreline Erosion Management Plan for the area.

The prevailing coastal processes in Nelly Bay result in a north-to-south […]

Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (SEMP) Rowes Bay / Pallarenda, Townsville, Queensland

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The foreshores of Rowes Bay and Pallarenda offer a rich diversity of seascapes and landscapes – providing extensive recreational and lifestyle opportunities in North Queensland that are considerably enhanced by local cultural, heritage and environmental values. However the dynamic nature of the coastal environment means that some local reaches […]