Project Description

Hayman-Island-2Hayman Island Resort has a reclaimed area to the west of the main resort that is used as a service area.  The precinct contains the resort’s essential water supply and electrical power infrastructure.  The rock-armoured seawall forming the perimeter of this reclaimed land is currently in poor structural condition, and has failed at some locations.

Mulpha Australia Ltd  (the owner of the Hayman Island Resort) has recently commissioned Coastal Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd to undertake the design of rehabilitation works to the existing seawall.

The fundamental design philosophy for the Hayman Island seawall rehabilitation is to achieve a structural standard that exceeds the minimum required by Queensland Government guidelines. The upgrading works ensure:

  • that the resort’s service area (including water supply and power infrastructure, communications equipment, stockpiles of building materials, lay-down areas, etc.) are not damaged during a severe cyclone – and importantly would remain serviceable in the aftermath of such an event; and
  • no contamination occurs to the waters of the adjoining State Marine Park and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (and/or mitigate any potential damage to nearshore reef areas) as a consequence of on-going seawall failure and the continual erosion of reclamation material.

The design of the seawall’s armouring has been tailored to suit the rock product that can be economically extracted from the decommissioned quarry located nearby behind the resort’s Services Precinct.