Project Description

Malaysian-Erosion-1The primary objective of the service was to assist the Government of Malaysia in preparing a National Coastal Erosion Control Sector Project  to mitigate coastal hazards.

Dr. Peter Riedel (of Coastal Engineering Solutions) was responsible for all of the coastal engineering aspects of the project.  In addition to providing this input – along with advice and training to local engineers on coastal engineering issues – coastal hazard analyses and risk assessments at 45 critical sites nominated by the Malaysian Government during the assignment were also completed.

Coastal engineering design criteria and standards, along with appropriate erosion control/protection works were formulated and instigated by the Malaysian Government.

Malaysian-Coastal-2The implementation of the project has assisted in the realisation of the Malaysian Government’s policy on sustainable economic development, land resource conservation and coastal zone management.  A sector project proposal was prepared for the Government, including a list of project components, project costs, economic analyses, social and environmental impact assessments, project implementation arrangements, institutional strengthening and policy dialogue.