Project Description

Portland-CoastalThe foreshores to the east of the Port of Portland have been experiencing substantial erosion problems since the port breakwater was lengthen many years ago.  The shoreline has receded several hundreds of metres and significant coastal property and infrastructure has been lost.

A comprehensive understanding of the coastal processes operating within the Portland region was required so as to provide an appropriate foundation on which future coastal management decisions could be based.

Portland-Coastal-2Coastal Engineering Solutions undertook a detailed Coastal Processes Study to identify the sediment transport regime within the region – which identified sediment transport mechanisms, rates and pathways.  Mathematical modelling techniques were applied by Coastal Engineering Solutions to assist us in developing and implementing technically sound and sustainable coastal management measures for the Portland region.

Important aspects of the study were:

  • a regional approach was applied to the understanding of coastal processes affecting the project area;
  • disposal of dredged spoil is managed so as to provide maximum benefit to local foreshores – whilst also ensuring that local marine and tidal habitats are not adversely affected;
  • there is improved technical input and understanding in relation to the administration of the “Sand By-passing & Smelter Obligations Deed” by all interested parties; and
  • the navigation channels and the operations of the Port of Portland are sustained.